Blikk Studio is a high-end architectural visualization company

We support clients in architectural and design projects still under development or concept, allowing them to perceive reality through pixels.
The environments on which it focuses are architecture, construction, urbanization and design.

Through decades of experience in the field of Product and Automotive Design, Blikk Studio constantly improves its skills while always offering the highest quality to clients of both, small and large companies, using the most innovative 3d technologies.

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  • Thanks to Blikk Studio we were able to make important architectural decisions always under the supervision of our architect. High quality renderings that highlight our new hotel on the internet.
    Aquila Dolomites Residence
    Aquila Dolomites Residence
  • Blikk Studio is a competent partner in 3D visualization! We have often worked together and have always been satisfied with the professional realization of the images!
    Architekten Mahlknecht Comploi
    Architekten Mahlknecht Comploi