Founder - 3D Artist

Mathias Kirchmayr

I’m Mathias Kirchmayr, 3D Artist and Founder of Blikk Studio 🙂 .

Our passion for architectural visualisation drives us to create incredible images that not only show the details of the project, but also the emotions it evokes.

Every day we strive to create images that are truly able to make our clients feel part of their idea and the project itself by achieving our high quality standards and being passionate about every detail we develop.

We are a small team of professionals with decades of experience in the field of Architecture and Automotive Design and we help our clients visualise their project accurately and realistically by working with them to find the best solutions.

We are creators of emotions and turn dreams into reality through our images.

Every picture is like a painting and needs to be enhanced.

That is why Blikk Studio wants to differentiate itself from the competition by creating images that remain in the viewer’s mind.

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