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    Getting Started

    How do we start?

    Tell us about your project using the brief form at:
    3D Rendering Brief
    and then we will advise you in a quick and professional way to analyze and resolve all the issues that may arise, and develop a budget shortly without commitment. If you are interested in our proposal, we will then be ready to start…

    What information is needed to get started?

    Any information about your project is helpful. 3D Models, CAD files (floor plan, elevation, site plan) will mark a great start. If you only have rough sketch of the ideas, or drawn floor plans and stuff, we can also work them out.

    Trust & Copyright

    Do you have an office in our city? Can you send someone to our office for a preliminary discussion about the project?

    Our modus operandi is mainly virtual. Mostly, all communication regarding the project is done via the internet, and this means that briefing, project management, file exchange, previews and delivery can be initiated with ease from virtually anywhere. We are also available in Braunschweig and the surrounding area for a personal meeting.

    Do you have any guarantee for the security of my data?

    The guarantee is promised by our strict adherence to non-disclosure norms. An Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with clients will be signed on request and with our employees internally. Data security is considered utmost task and precaution will be taken seriously. Whatever it takes, we will apply every necessity to prevent any leaks of confidential information.

    Do you have any recommendations/references for a specific types of render?

    As a prospering architectural visualization firm with 10 years experience, Blikk Studio usually works with a variety of project – interior and exterior, commercial and residential, single building and master planning… etc. This means clients can ask Blikk Studio to send some references which we have done before for client’s specific needs of renderings or simply go and see our latest projects (Project) .

    Who owns the render after it is completed?

    Good question. Almost every new client asks this question. The answer is that Blikk Studio owns the images, but our clients are granted a license of use, which extends to the finished images and not to drafts or intermediate results. Any other use requires an additional written agreement. Any image distributed or made public must be marked with the following copyright designation: “Image by Blikk Studio” or simply by tagging us if the image is posted on Social Media.
    We have structured our licensing policy to be as simple as possible.
    The client can use the image as they see fit. There are no additional costs to modify the image. We only ask you to credit us if the image is published somewhere outside of your website or on future marketing materials. This has never been a problem, but we do not allow our images to be sold to stock photography sites, such as Shutterstock or Istockphoto.


    How do you organize work ? Do you have a set workflow ? Please explain in detail starting from receiving our model.

    Phase 1: 3D Modelling
    Phase 1 includes coordinating geometry. If Blikk Studio has been contracted to create the 3D model, this work is done in Phase 1.At the end of this phase, images showing the 3D model of the Project are sent to the customer.

    Phase 2: Artistic Settings
    Phase 2 includes the setting of lighting conditions, light direction and camera position. At the end of phase 2, an image without materials is sent to the client to definitively and bindingly define the artistic style and direction of light.

    Phase 3: Materials Settings
    Phase 3 focuses on setting up the client-defined materials thanks in part to the Reference Images sent to Blikk Studio at the beginning of the project.

    Phase 4: Final rendering
    In this phase the previous processes are used to create the final image with all the features and desires expressed by the client. This procedure is computationally intensive and therefore cannot be repeated or corrected at the end of this phase.

    Phase 5: Finalization
    In step 5, the image atmosphere and detail adjustment of individual image components are refined. Also upon request, other elements (people, animals, etc.) are added to the images to simulate the living situation.

    What file types can you accept?

    We can accept most file types like .MAX, . FBX, .OBJ, .3DS, .3DM, .STL & .DWG.

    Will we get to see the work you are doing before the final product?

    Absolutely! That’s the main point of our mission. We care about representing your vision and designs as accurately as possible. Our projects are presented to you in 5 phases:
    Phase 1: 3D Modelling
    Phase 2: Artistic Settings
    Phase 3: Materials Settings
    Phase 4: Final rendering
    Phase 5: Finalization
    The work in the individual phases 1, 2, 3 and 5 requires continuous coordination, in particular also on the intermediate status achieved in the individual project phases.
    Doing the right thing in a specific time will make things easier later. We don’t mind a few more rounds of revision but our mindset is to make everything smooth and avoid back-and-forth.