Our laboratory

We ask ourselves every day how technology can influence our lives and how it can help our customers develop their ideas. In our laboratory we focus on experimenting with new technologies and their development in order to always be at the cutting edge and to offer services that make our partners’ projects unique.

What new services are we developing?

Virtual Reality

Thanks to Virtual Reality we can offer you a unique experience.
Navigate through your project like it was already reality.
Open doors, windows, turn on the light in the room or change the materials of room elements or furniture. There are no more borders!

Bird's eye view

Thanks to our drones, we are able to analyse the territory on which your project will be built, share images or videos and support you in the development of your project.
Your architectural idea will then be modelled in 3D and inserted into images or videos to be best presented to your client or to decide on different architectural solutions.

Holographic Architecture

Don’t build the model, watch it appear in front of you!
Thanks to special augmented reality glasses you will be able to see your project and discuss the most suitable architectural choices with your clients who will be able to see the project with you in real time!

Flight simulation for structure analysis

Fly like a bird!
Through special goggles connected to a drone you can experience the freedom of flying and see everything around the site for your next project.
If your client needs to renovate his building, glook at the weather damage as if you were looking at it. By flying you can get to the problem right away and solve it faster.

Quality service

At Blikk Studio we have very high quality standards and want to offer our customers only the best.
This is the only way you can distinguish yourself from your competitors!
That’s why we work hard before bringing a technology into our workforce.

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