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Entire landscapes or just details.
Thanks to advanced software, we are able to develop natural environments and define details, allowing us to bring your project to life for the first time as if it were in real life. Mountains, Lakes, Forest, Desert, City. There is no limit to your project as every detail is modelled in 3D or added later in post production.


Through this technique we are able to incorporate your project directly into a photograph. This method succeeds in making the architecture stand out from its surroundings and in identifying it in its urban or rural context.

Interior Image

The materials and lighting are the main focus for this type of image.
Full CG development of interiors also allows you to recreate the interior of your project and the furniture that is part of it, thus having total control over the result.
Every detail is chosen and modelled in 3D to be in line with the requirements of the project. The development can focus on a detail, on a particular environment or on the panoramic view from the outside, which will also be the focal point of the image.

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Blikk Studio Lab

We have created a laboratory where we test and develop new technologies to make your projects unique!

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